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School will close at 1.15pm on Friday, 20th December 2019 for Christmas
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Love one another as I have loved you

School Clubs

After School & Lunchtime Activities 2020

Spring Term 1


We are currently holding the below lunchtime practices and after school clubs 3:15pm – 4:15pm:


Monday Football Club (KS2)
Tuesday Football Club (KS1)
Wednesday Choir lunchtime practice in Year 6 classroom/Tag Rugby Club (KS2)
Thursday Golf Club (KS2)
Friday Orchestra lunchtime practice/Netball Club (KS2)


Spring Term 2



Football Club (KS2)
Tuesday Dance Club (KS1)
Wednesday Choir lunchtime Practice in Year 6 classroom/Hockey Club (KS2)
Thursday Golf Club (KS2)
Friday Orchestra Lunchtime Practice/KS2 Netball Club