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As a school we are aiming for our whole school attendance to be higher than 95%. Please send your child into school every day. If they say they feel unwell, please check the NHS guidance for keeping them off school (this can be found on our website under Key Information, Attendance, Absence and how to report them)
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Computing Intent


To ensure that all children:

  • Enjoy using Computing with confidence and a sense of achievement
  • Develop practical skills in the use of Computing and the ability to apply these skills in their study of National Curriculum subjects, especially English, Maths and Science.
  • Understand the capabilities and limitations of Computing and the implications and consequences of its use, and to be responsible for these.
  • Provide pupils with the opportunities to use and express themselves through digital technologies.
  • To use computational thinking and creativity to understand the world.
  • To know how digital systems work and to put this knowledge to work.