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School opens at 8.45am and finishes at 3.15pm Monday to Friday.
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Love one another as I have loved you

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Our Class Governor are Miss Wells & Mr Todd

Our Class Teacher is Miss Holt


Hi everyone! My name is Miss Holt and I am the Year 6 teacher at Holy Souls.

I absolutely love being in the outdoors. Walking in the lovely countryside or somewhere scenic is one of my favourite hobbies, especially with my labradoodle Alfie and in the company of family or friends. I have recently bought a road bike so I have enjoyed seeing our lovely countryside on a set of wheels.

Being a little bit competitive, I love watching and playing sport. I played hockey, badminton and rounders at school and I still play rounders in a summer league and play badminton when I can. I also love watching big sporting events such as the football world cup, the six nations and the Olympics. 

I love all things Harry Potter or Disney related! Looking back at when I was at primary school, the Harry Potter novels began to be published and became a series of books that I have read several times even into my adult life. Disney takes me back to my childhood, watching the classics with my Dad; the Lion King and Pocahontas were always my favourite.

I absolutely love animals, especially dogs, turtles and koala bears.

I have been really lucky to actually swim with turtles and hold a koala bear!

Finally, I also love to read, especially in the summer holidays when I have plenty of time. My favourite books are Harry Potter (of course!) and I’ve enjoyed reading Emma Carroll’s historical novels.



Wonderful Writers - Year 6


Using Rose Blanche, a book about a German girl experiencing WWII in her home town, Year 6 have immersed themselves into WWII life for the people who stayed at home. Imagining they are the main character, Year 6 have written first person recounts describing the powerful scenes from the illustrations, creating detailed lists and including emotive language. Please enjoy reading some of their work so far in the Wonderful Writers section below!

Wonderful Writers - Year 6

Our next vehicle text from the Spring term is called Story Like the Wind. This story tells the tale of a boat of refugees, who begin sharing flashback memories with one another, and demonstrates clear themes of hope and freedom. Year 6 have used this story as inspiration to write their own flashback stories, using the difficult skill of flicking between past and present tense, using exciting figurative language and using a variety of sentence structures and vocabulary. Please enjoy reading some of their work in the Wonderful Writers section below.