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As a school we are aiming for our whole school attendance to be higher than 95%. Please send your child into school every day. If they say they feel unwell, please check the NHS guidance for keeping them off school (this can be found on our website under Key Information, Attendance, Absence and how to report them)
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Science Intent


The intention of the Science curriculum is to recognise the importance of Science in every aspect of daily life. It is an introduction to the world of living things, materials and physical processes. Science is a largely practical subject where children learn how to ask questions and develop ways of finding answers by encouraging a positive and natural curiosity through practical enquiry. Children gain knowledge about our world using skills of observation, pattern seeking, classifying, prediction, fair testing and research. Pupils are inspired to respect and nurture the world around them, and open their eyes to a world beyond their immediate surroundings and into the future.


Children follow the 2014 National Curriculum for Science which sees them undertake a broad and balanced programme of study that incorporates scientific knowledge and practical enquiry through the progression of topics.

Science Week 2022

KS2 Science Exhibition


The Key Stage 2 children were given an opportunity to take part in a Science Exhibition as part of their learning experience during Science week. They were asked to think about an interest they have in Science and create a project which included a presentation.

The children stood next to their project whilst other children came to listen to the presentation and ask questions about the scientific area of choice. A vast variety of projects were created from learning about fossils, to understanding the far reaches of our solar system, and even closer by exploring different parts of the human body.

Year 3 and Year 4 listened to each other's presentations as they visited each project and Year 5 and Year 6 did the same. Some children did a 'live' experiment whilst everyone looked on and learnt about a scientific area of study!

The projects were amazing - have a look and see what you think!