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School opens at 8.45am and finishes at 3.15pm Monday to Friday.
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Love one another as I have loved you

Parent/ Pupil Views

The thoughts of a Year 6 pupil at Holy Souls........


Once I forgot the tune to the song 

Once I got my spelling word wrong 

Once in PE I fell on my face 

Once my juice spilled all over the place!


But mostly school is fun fun fun!

I run with my friends all day in the sun!

I learn to read, and read to learn.

We also get jobs – we all get a turn I love Holy Souls!



Lovely feedback from a parent of a child in Reception… 


Hi Mrs Ellison


My son joined reception class a couple of weeks ago and is settling in. This has been his first week of full days at school and as you can imagine as a parent it was a little daunting. It is so heartening to hear that he is enjoying doing different activities and having fun. Yes, it may be tiring and he may not be too fond of the different types of food on offer (just yet!) but that is the journey of growing up. I wanted to specifically mention the fantastic job that Mrs Brooks and Miss Holden have clearly been doing for my son to help ease the transition. I very much look forward to the upcoming parents evening.


A grateful parent